Electrical Testing Services

First of all we would like to introduce you our company PT. Surya Prima Eltrindo had known as electrical testing equipments agents.

PT. Surya Prima Eltrindo had experienced for many years to do electrical services with our our clients that already used our services:

PT. PLN (Persero)

PT. Siemens Indonesia

PT. Schneider Indonesia

PT. Tata Jabar

PT. Krakatau Steel

PT. ODG Jakarta

PT. Jakarta Cakra Tunggal Steel Mills, etc.

We provide electrical services using the high quality testing equipments which have standard products from ANSI, IEC.

Partial Discharge Inspection

Partial Discharge is a predictive qualitative analysis tool that can warn of potential up coming system failure.

1. Partial Discharge and Diagnostic System

Quality control of MV / HV equipment on production line ( transformer, switchgear, etc. )

Quality control of the insulators during installation or underground network repair ( cable, joint, elbows, etc. )

On line follow up of the ageing process of the critical components insulation ( transformer, switchgears, cable joint, etc. )

2. Partial Discharge Arrester Tester

Check measuring partial discharge on arrester on line system.

Facillities and Equipment Used :

1 Operator

Protection Relay

Single Phase Relays Tester or Three Phase Relay Tester with 6 current output :

*) Over / Under Current Relay

*) Over / Under Voltage Relay

*) Frequency Relay

*) Directional Over Current Relay

*) Differential Relay

*) Distance Relay

*)Thermal Overload Relay, and etc.

Facillities and Equipment Used :

*) 1 Operator

MV/HV Switchgear Test

We provide complete test systems for your MV/HV Switchgear and do all routine test for its. Below is kind of test of circuit breaker :

1. Circuit Breaker Analyzer

The result of circuit breaker analyzer :

Contact timing, trip / close current, operating time between phase, velocity, breaker stroke, over travel breaker.

2. Vacuum Bottle Test

Check the leakage current of Vacuum Breaker

3. Insulation Test 20 kV

Check the insulation of cubicle

4. CT Saturation Test

Able to check the saturation of current transformer,

error ratio, polarity,and knee point voltage.

5. Relay Test ( Single and Three phase relay tester )

Able to test all protection relay.

6. Micro-Ohmmeter

Test the contact resistance of Breaker, Busbar, etc.

Facilities and Equipments used:

2 (two) Operator ( 1 Engineer and 1 Technician )

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